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What will your pet get for Christmas?

Are you getting your pets holiday gifts this year? According to a recent AP-Petside poll, over half of pet owners plan to buy holiday gifts for their pets this year.

The poll revealed that pet owners plan to spend an average of $46 on their pets with toys and treats at the top of the list. Even major pet supply retailers such as Petco and Petsmart plan to participate in Black Friday events. This is just more evidence that our pets are transitioning to the role of “family member” more than ever.

In a recent poll by Trupanion, over 88% of pet owners buy gifts for their pets for some occasions or more which would suggest that many pets will be receiving gifts this holiday season!

The AP-Petside poll revealed that 72 percent of pet owners plan to spend $30 or less. How much are you going to spend on holiday gifts for your pets?

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