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CNN Blog Discusses the Cost of Pet Care

Cat at vetThe love of pets is not restricted by country borders. People around the world consider their pets members of their families and would go to great lengths to give them a long and healthy life. A recent Worldcrunch article (republished on CNN News) demonstrated this by profiling a family in Berlin.

Thomas, a student in Hanover, Berlin, took extreme measures to save his seven-year-old cat Maxi from certain death. When he was told Maxi needed around 15,000 euros (about $20,000) for a kidney transplant, he found the money. He then flew himself and his cat to the United States for the operation. Several years ago, this transplant wouldn’t have even been possible, but with recent advances in veterinary care, there are more options to extend the health and happiness of pets. Of course, they come at a price.

The article goes on to mention other treatment options that are now available for pets – chemo and radiotherapyto treat cancer, a titanium hip replacement, an eye lens replacement, spinal disk operations, and artificial joints are all available now for pets.

One of the reasons pet owners are willing to pay for these treatments is thought to be because in the United States, eight out of 10 pet owners see themselves as “Mommies” and “Daddies” to their pets. Pets are not just animals, they are family.

So, what do you think? What do you think is the reason pet owners spend any amount of money to save their pets?

Read the full article here.

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