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Dog on Railroad Tracks Survives

Photo courtesy Ryan Brennecke/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Poor little Jazzi, the 12-year-old Lhasa Apso from Bend, Oregon belonging to Bob and Kathy Dent was terrified (as many pets often get) on New Years Eve due to celebratory fireworks. After being let outside, Jazzi took off into the night and found herself a comfortable spot on the railroad tracks.

At least four different trains passed over and noticed a little white dog lying on the tracks but assumed that she must be dead. The next morning, a train crew was stopped to change shifts when Chris Myron, one of the workers, remembered the small dog and went to check her out.

To his surprise, she was completely alive and well and began wagging her tail and even licked his face!

The crew checked out Jazzi’s ID tag on her collar and were able to return Jazzi to her home. Myron later returned to the Dent’s house with a new doggy dish, toys, and treats for Jazzi.

Read the full story at Asbury Park Press.

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One Response to Dog on Railroad Tracks Survives

  1. Yeah! We must celebrate New Year Eve. But it should not be dangerous and harmful to our pets. When we celebrate with fireworks, we must notice our pets are at safe place.

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