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Getting a Cat to Sleep at Night

Cat Playing
Keeping cats active during the day will help them sleep at night.

Recently, an article was published on Yahoo Shine that was written by Dr. Marty Becker of The article answered a question from a cat owner who was having trouble getting his cat to sleep at night. The cat owner assumed that the cat slept all day while he was at work and then wanted to play all night when he was home. Unfortunately, that included the precious hours that he wanted – and needed! – to sleep.

Dr. Becker told the cat owner that he needed to make sure that his cat’s physical and mental needs were being met by creating an enrihed environment for him. Then he relayed the advice of Dr. Tony Buffington, the author of the book Your Home, Their Territory: Creating the Right Habitat for Your Indoor Cats. Here are Dr. Buffington’s tips:

1. Change Meal Time – By feeding the cat before bed time it will trigger the cat’s desire to sleep, therefore allowing you to get some sleep too.

2. Make Time for Play Time – Setting aside time to really focus on your cat and play active games with him will help tire him out and allow him to rest during the night.

3. Widen Your Cat’s World – Pick up some fun puzzle activities or other games that the cat can play alone while you are gone. This way they don’t spend the entire day lounging around or sleeping.

What are your tricks to make sure your cats know the difference between the hours for play time and sleep?

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