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In the News: Cat Survives 11 Story Fall

Seattle Cat
Baxter, prior to his fall. (Courtesy: Seattle PI)

In late December, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran a story about a local cat named Baxter who fell out a window and dropped eleven stories… and lived to tell the tale. This story could be evidence that cats really do have nine lives.

Baxter and his family had just moved into the downtown Seattle high-rise, so perhaps the cat didn’t realize what he was getting himself into when he slipped out the window and stepped on the ledge. Baxter’s owner, Diana McDougle, watched the whole thing happen but it happened too quickly for her to respond in time. When she looked out the window she saw her beloved cat lying on the concrete 11 stories below. She thought he had died.

But Baxter had survived. And by the time she ran down to where his body should have been, he was gone. A quick glance under a nearby car revealed the cat, who McDougle immediately rushed to the veterinarian. He was treated for a broken collarbone, dislocated sternum and swelling around the heart and lungs.

Luckily, Baxter was protected with pet insurance. And two months later is fully recovered from his injuries.

Amazing, no?

Read the full story on the Seattle PI.

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