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Pet New Year’s Resolutions 2012

January and the turn of the New Year is a great time to start fresh and set goals for the year ahead. We think that resolutions can apply to pets as well, so we asked for yours!

My Dog, Digger is eight years old but he acts like he’s two when he wants to play “Flashlight”! His New Years Resolution is to go to “Flashlight’s Anonymous” ! I have to shine the flashlight up and down the hallway, then turn it off and on in different spots; he runs after it and jumps on the light spot and barks like crazy!! Afterwards, he pants like crazy and his eyes glaze over with happiness! We do this a couple times every day, and if he had it his way, we would be playing this game every couple of hours.  He really needs to go to Flashlight’s Anonymous, if I can’t find such a group, I’ll have to buy a new rechargeable flashlight soon! -Carole

Pocket's New Year's Resolution was to lose a little bit of weight by eating less but so far has not stuck to this. I think she's actually eating more. 😀 -Karen M.

Duke’s new years resolution this year is to hit the dog park more often…he wants to get in shape since he was exhausted this year after the holidays! -Heather O.

Chewie's New Years Resolution is to sleep in and NOT ask her parents for breakfast at 4:30AM. So far she isn't keeping it... -Monica W.

Signing Poppy up for agility training. -Judy L.

New Year’s Resolution taken care of! Just activated my policy for my two dogs. 🙂 -Matthew B.

Congratulations to Heather and her dog Duke who won the random drawing!

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