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Pet News Recap of January 2012

The month of January has already gotten 2012 started off on a busy foot with pets in the news. Here are some of the more notable stories from this past month in case you missed them:

TLC introduces new show “I Cloned My Pet,” about people who were willing to pay big bucks to preserve the essence of their beloved furball.

A fisherman kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico finds a stray dog paddling in the water and rescues him. The injured dog, Barney, was brought to a veterinarian where he was nursed back to health and reunited with his deceased owner’s family.

Lucy the 2.5 pound Yorkshire Terrier was named the Guinness Book of World Record’s smallest working dog.

Jazzi the Lhasa Apso ran away from home on New Year’s Eve due to a firework scare and spent the night on railroad tracks. Several trains went over her but she came out unscathed.

Scientists explain why dogs’ paws can withstand extremely cold temperatures.

A 33,000-year-old domestic dog skull was found in Siberia, suggesting that the history of domesticated dogs is much more complicated than previously thought.

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