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This Week in Testimonials – 1/13

Just submitted my first claim for an acl tear on my Bernese. Trupanion rocks! Awesome all the way through! THANK YOU! -Megan M.

I chose the Zero deductible 90% refunded policy. And my 14month just came down with some serious illness. Trupanion is already reviewing my 1st two claims which I should get back a.s.a.p. and she needed more blood work today and may need an ultra sound. I live in Fl. near the U.F. University of Florida (Best Pet Vet’s in the country at this University) . Am I glad I chose Trupanion? YES! And they have a perfect record with the Better Business Bureau A+ and No COMPLAINTS!!!! I always said if I paid my policy for 10 years and something like this happened it would pay back what I put into it. But it already is paying for itself. Thanks Trupanion. -Jeff D.

Whoa! $650 for medication for my dog skylar. Good thing we have @trupanion vet insurance. #dogs # -@_marketingrx

The lack of lifetime payout limits is just *one* of the reasons why The Preventive Vet recommends pet owners seriously consider Trupanion Pet Insurance. They’re a great company, with one straightforward policy and high reimbursement rates. And for those of you lucky enough to live in the Pacific NW of the US, they’re local too (offices in Seattle). Added bonus. -The Preventive Vet

Dinglehopper had his $1,777.83 eye surgery today. Thanks in advance for covering 90% of the costs (before taxes). -Michelle

Chip in his crate

Thank you, Trupanion. I can honestly say that I’ve never had Blue Cross/Blue Shield ask for a picture of anyone in my family that they were paying a claim on. Mel asked for a picture of Chip which I gladly sent her way. So far, Trupanion has reimbursed over $2,000 in expenses for Chip’s surgery and recovery. And, the best news is that Chip is going to make a full recovery!! -Bobbie F.

Just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. Found out recently that my young female dog is going to be requiring some long term care, and it is such a relief to know that Trupanion is going to be helping out with some of the cost. Really glad that I enrolled her with your service, when I first got here. Thank you again! -Maureen E.

Trupanion is the best! Thanks for providing excellent, honest service. -Ashley W.

First I would like to say that I’ve been very impressed with the service and wealth of information I received from Levi and Kessa. The customer service and what you get with your policy is BY FAR the best out there. I have a new puppy and a proud customer. -Sandra Q.

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