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This week in Testimonials 1/20

My dog recently had a $4000 procedure, but no financial stress thanks to Trupanion! -@jrybicka

@Trupanion @jrybicka Same here. Thanks to pet insurance by Trupanion. Thanks -@GetAppandGo

Thank you @Trupanion for having helped our baby girl make it to this New Year. The best pet insurance, period. -@fiorebazan

This is Punkie, who will be 3 this May thanks to the great insurance we bought from Trupanion. We would have had to make an unbearable choice when we found out about her vertabral disc disease and the pain and crippling disability she would have to live with without prohibitively expensive back surgery. Three months ago we thought we would lose our baby, now she is walking, running and playing happily and without pain every day. Thank you so much, Trupanion!! -Betty M.


My parents love Trupanion & say thanks. Apparently I can be a bit on the “costly” side…but I’m worth it 😛 -Bentley the Bulldog


Thank you Trupanion. You are the best! Thanks for the phone call today and all you do for our pets. I drive a school bus and come in contact with so many families and co-workers that get a new pet, and I make it a point to explain how great Trupanion is. =) -Jeff D.

Luna, Trupanion proud -Ray G.

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