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This Week in Testimonials – 1/6

I signed up for @Trupanion last week for my dog. Best decision ever! -@itgirl007

Best Pet Insurance EVER!: @Trupanion!!
My dog Randy…had a $2K vet bill but ended up being $250 after @trupanion :))) #lifesaver #loveanimals

Thanks, Trupanion! Just got a check today that helped cover treatment for Duncan’s pending ear infection. It’s already better, stopped it in its tracks! You are the best! -Cindy U.

Trupanion made the surgery financially possible. I had signed up for insurance so that I would not have to make decisions about my pets based on money. I was beginning to think that none of that mattered. But, Dr. Greg generously worked with me putting Cadence’s care first and Trupanion came through to make the surgery possible. -Laura M.

This is my boy Oliver – you just reassessed his claim and we wanted to say THANKS for taking care of him! -Layla J.


FYI @Trupanion is awesome pet insurance and has incredible customer service! Thank you! -@TessTattles

Last year Dinglehopper’s vet costs totalled $5,468.46. Thank-you, Trupanion, for covering $3,343.57 of that. -Michelle

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