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According to Vets, More Than Half of Cats and Dogs Overweight

Does your cat have a little extra around the middle? Does your dog have a bit of a belly bulge? Chances are, he does! According to the Aassociation for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), about 53% of cats and 55% of dogs in the US are overweight. Over 20% of those pudgy pets are clinically obese, meaning more than 30% overweight!

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight has so many health benefits including a longer lifespan and lower chances of weight-related diseases. Having a fat pet can cost you with expensive veterinary bills for preventable conditions like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and kidney disease.

According to the LA Times article, “Every excess pound on a [small] dog would equate to a 5-foot, 4-inch woman gaining 21 pounds, or a 5-foot-9 man putting 25 pounds of extra junk in his trunk.”

Why are pets getting chubby? Are they being lazier and eating out at fast food restaurants more frequently? The problem actually lies with the owners! As the provider of food, it is our responsibility to feed quality food in healthy amounts.

Some pet owners may think that by giving their pets extra treats, they are showing more love, but in reality it could mean a greater risk of health conditions, more trips to the vet (and more money spent), and a shorter lifespan.

Do your pet a favor and show him love with cuddling, attention, playtime, and walks!

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