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Gracie Takes an Unfortunate Leap

Happy Leap Day! Today is a unique day, a day that only comes around once every four years. As I thought about how I wanted to commemorate this day on the blog I realized I had the perfect story to share with you.

The following story is from a Trupanion customer who’s dog, Gracie, took a ‘leap’ that led to serious injuries and a serious veterinary bill. Here is Gracie’s story, in her owner’s own words:

Trupanion dog Gracie
Gracie after her accident.

When we decided to get our Shepherd Husky cross Gracie back in March we didn’t have a clue about vet insurance or the need for it, but when our vet offered us a 1 month trial we thought “hey why not”.  Well before we had even given Trupanion a cent we were  already activating our claim.  Gracie like most puppies is inquisitive, curious and likes to chase things; a pigeon in this case, she fell through a hole almost 25 feet on to an asphalt road below.  After the terrifying rush to the nearest vet hospital we were quoted $8,000 to $10,000 for the x-rays and possible surgeries she’d need. 

Trupanion Dog Gracie
Gracie today.

Upset and not knowing what to do we called Trupanion to see what they would say expecting the worst at this point knowing we didn’t have $10,000 to spend on our little puppy.  The representative Lisa (I never caught her second name but if I had I would definitely say she was amazingly helpful) told me about their pre-approval program and as long as our vet was willing they could help us so we didn’t have to pay the large sum up front.  The vet agreed and we were on our way after numerous xrays we were told she’d broken both of her front legs in numerous places, and would need surgery on each leg.  Trupanion kept in contact with us and the vet on a regular basis throughout the first week, and were able to answer all of our questions.  Gracie’s accident happened on the 9th of April a few days later I received confirmation that it would be taken care of, and days after that we received the confirmation that the payment had been made to our vet and everything had been completed for her claim.  Trupanion took a lot of the stress out of an already very stressful situation, we are very grateful for Trupanion and their efficient helpful staff.  We have just made our first payment on our normal insurance plan with Trupanion and will continue our insurance for the rest of Gracie’s life, and recommend Trupanion to all other pet owners. 

We are very happy Gracie is on her way to a full recovery and we hope she will think twice about chasing pigeons next time. The moral of the story? Protect your own pets this Leap Day, and every day, from these ‘leaps of faith’.

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