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Guest Post: When Your Pets Need Extra Care

The following is a guest post from Ashley Spade. Ashley, in addition to being Sir Winston Pugsalot the First’s favorite human, is a blogger and law student. She volunteers at her local pug rescue in between studying and training for triathlons (sometimes at the same time).

Dog in E-CollarSeeing a family member in pain is never easy to deal with but having an injured pet is difficult in its own right. My pet pug Sir Winston Pugsalot the First, Sir WP for short, once suffered a mild concussion and a broken leg. Obviously, he couldn’t verbally tell me he was hurting but his whimpering and limping was enough to let me know he wasn’t feeling well.

A good friend of mine had to invest in a handicap van after her fiance suffered an accident that left him wheelchair bound. Their only vehicle had been a small two-seater that didn’t have enough room for his legs and the wheelchair. Fortunately for me, my pug is pretty small and I don’t need a new vehicle to get him around. But I do have some tips to share about caring for your pet when it’s injured.

Give them space

No matter how friendly your pet usually is injured animals have been known to become aggressive. Especially just after being injured, it’s best to give your pet some space and handle it carefully. An animal can’t tell you exactly where it’s hurt at so picking it up could make the pain worse. Calling the vet and getting advice on how to handle your pet is a good idea if you’re unsure of what to do. It may be a smart move to make a muzzle for your pet to prevent anything from happening.

Cone heads

Have you ever seen animals at the vet with the plastic cones around their heads? None of them like it and it does look pretty funny but those cones are life savers. I have heard stories of animals biting at stitches and reopening wounds before they were able to fully heal. Removing the stitches could be life threatening if not treated in time so the cone is a great tool for forcing them to let their wounds heal. Pets are resourceful though and some may try scratching at the area if they can reach it so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them.

Sit, stay, good boy/girl

I have heard of dogs tearing ACLs but I’m not too sure about cats and other pets. When these types of injuries happen, it’s best for the pet to rest and stay off the injured leg. Animals like dogs and cats want to move and play and it’s even harder to get them to sit still when you have other pets and children that come around to play with them. It’s not easy locking your pet in the kennel for hours but in certain situations it’s the best way to keep them sitting still and from aggravating the injury.

The sad thing is that some pet owners abandon their pets after they are seriously injured to avoid paying for the medical bill. If you are looking to adopt a pet, picking up one that is recovering from an injury is a good idea. You can form a bond while nursing it back to health and when it fully recovers it will be ready to have fun – and grateful for your help.

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