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Keeping Healthy with Your Pets: Yoga

DogaDog owners all around the world have discovered a way to stay healthy with their dogs – yoga (or doga, as it’s called by participants). Yahoo News recently ran a story about the popularity of doga with pet owners in Hong Kong, where the focus is not just about getting exercise while hanging out with your pet, but allowing your pet to find peace and get pampered as well. At many doga studios in Hong Kong, doggie massage often accompanies a session.

Suzette Ackermann is one instructor spotlighted in the video, who started teaching dog-and-owner yoga after spending years teaching human yoga and parent-and-baby yoga. She knew pet owners felt much the same way about their pets that parents felt about their children, so wanted to give those pet owners the same opportunities as she was giving parents.

Traditional yoga poses like the Cobra, Tree, and Dancer are adapted to include dogs during the yoga session. One pet parent was interviewed, stating that she felt more bonded with her dog after a doga session and feels her dog listens to her better because they are involved in doga.

Susette also points out that because pet owners in Hong Kong are not allowed to take their pets into parks, many dogs don’t get a chance to socialize with other dogs. Doga allows them to do so.

Have you ever tried doga?

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