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Pet Insurance Claim of the Week: Femur Fracture

Small dog breeds make great lap dogs. They are easily portable, can be carried onto an airplane, and they don’t take up much space. However, they are particularly fragile compared to larger dog breeds because of the size of their tiny bones. Pucci is a 4-month-old Chihuahua puppy who was recently dropped (or maybe she was too excited and wriggled out), resulting in a broken leg.

The 2.1 pound puppy needed surgery to fix her left femur and will be wearing a cast for a little while until it heals.

Total claim amount: $9,071.00
Deductible applied: -$0.00
Exam fees: -$455.00
10% co-insurance: -$861.60
Trupanion repaid: $7,754.40

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