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Pet Lovers Find Perfect Match with Matchmaking Service

We’ve all heard about dating websites, but what if you could meet your future pet through a matchmaking system as well?

The Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals became the first to implement ASPCA’s pet matchmaking system in 2008 and since then, their adoptions have increased 20% and returns have dropped from 13% to 10%, according to a recent article on Sounds like a very positive program to me!

The matchmaking system called Meet Your Match will find the best pet match based on compatibility. The animals go through a 15 minute analysis to determine their personality, energy level, and motivation to interact with toys and people based on a color system.

Of the nine canine colors, green is used to describe playful, active pets; purple for “couch potatoes,” and orange describes the “wallflowers.”

Cats are on a slightly different scale and are judged on how they respond to new situations with purple being a ‘secret admirer’ who may tend to lay low at first.

Potential adopters who participate in the program must fill out a 19-question survey to help find their perfect match. Meet Your Match is available to shelters all over the world and an estimated 150 ASPCA locations across the country have already incorporated the service with hopes of walking down the path toward greater adoption success.

Read the original article from VetStreet.

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