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Pet of the Week: Teeser

How perfect that our Pet of the Week this week is an adorable little boy and his girlfriend?

This is Teeser our adorable 1.5 year old pure bread Maltese smiling for the camera. In the background is his girlfriend Sherise our 2.5 year old Maltipoo.
Teeser was the only male in the litter and was the last one in the litter to be sold. When we went see about purchasing him, we brought Sherise to make sure that they got along. Teeser is so affectionate and so loving. The two of them are inseparable. He is also very protective of Sherise.

He likes to talk to you and tell you what’s on his mind (Roo roo roo). He howls to certain songs and will chime in when I’m singing. Teeser’s favourite place to lay is in the crook of my arm on his back and will fall asleep while I massage his chest.

He answers to Teeser, Teesy, and Sir Teeser. The breeder named him Teeser because of his breed being Maltese.

He wears his Trupanion bling very proudly. We love our little Teeser so much!!!

Thanks Lorinda for sending in these cute pictures!

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