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Review of New Year’s Pet Resolutions

Active Running DogAsha Wise, a reporter for the Walton Tribune, wrote an article at the beginning of January about remembering to include your pets in your new year’s resolutions. Now that we’ve had some time to settle in to the new year, many of us may already be forgetting about the resolutions we made. I thought I’d post this article now, so we can all be reminded of our goals for this year.

Asha provides many great tips on how to incorporate your pets into your new year’s goals. Here are some of the ideas she proposed:

  • Take steps to keep veterinary costs low by keeping your pets up to date on vaccinations and parasite prevention, never missing yearly veterinary exams, and never delaying veterinary attention if your pet needs it.
  • Invest in pet insurance to help avoid financial strain if your pet is sick or injured.
  • Include your pet in your exercise program so he or she doesn’t face the health concerns associated with being overweight. Plus, exercise will allow your pet to expend it’s excess energy, and we all know a tired pet is a good pet!
  • Spend quality time with your pet to give them the attention and stimulation they need to help prevent destructive behavior.
  • Consider enrolling in a basic training class to ensure your pet is a good community citizen.
  • Make sure your pet continues looking his or her best this year by keeping them clean, groomed and flea free.

Did you include any of these pet resolutions this year on your own list? What are your pet goals for the year?

Read the full article here.

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