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Study States Dogs Cause More Family Arguments

French Bulldog puppyA recent article in The Telegraph discussed a study that shows that dogs trigger nearly 2,000 family arguments over a lifetime, giving an opposing view of the general thought that dogs provide only positive benefits to a family.

Some of the causes of arguments cited in the article include:

  • Where the dog should be allowed to go in the house (i.e. beds, the upstairs and sofas) 
  • Whose turn it is to clean up the dog waste
  • Who should clean the carpets after an accident
  • How the dog should be disciplined (what is perceived to be too harsh) 
  • Who should train the dog
  • If the dog should be ‘humanized’
  • Why the dog was brought into the home in the first place
  • How much should be spent on the dog
  • If the dog damages children’s toys
  • If the dog chews on family possessions

The study also states that 26 percent of dog owners have at some point considered getting rid of their beloved dog after an argument.

These statistics are alarming and sad. While there is no question that raising a pet can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavour, pet ownership is a lifelong commitment that should be enjoyed. Here are some tips to help avoid the arguments that are mentioned above:

  1. Fully discuss the addition of a pet with all family members prior to bringing that pet home. Make sure everyone is aware of what their responsibilities will be for that pet.
  2. Make sure you are fully aware of all considerations that come with your chosen breed. Know about common personality traits and common health concerns. If you are aware of these these you can be proactive in handling them.
  3. Invest in pet insurance to help protect your pocketbook if an unexpected accident or illness should befall your pet. Money matters are a huge stresser for families, so knowing you are covered for unexpected veterinary bills will help.
  4. Develop an exercise program for your dog that will keep him healthy and active every day. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog!

Are you a dog owner? What do you think about the claims of this study? What are your tips to help ease the stress of owning a pet?

Read the full article here.

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