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This Week in Testimonials – 2/17

@Trupanion Pet insurance equals peace of mind for your furry family members! -@AudioArmy

Can’t believe I’ve found a GOOD insurance co. Thank you @Trupanion for making this as easy as possible! -@RoomForDessert

Thanks for taking care of me! Logan -Jason F.


My husband and I took our lovely Eskie, Kiko for a walk on the TransCanada Trail, by the Coquitlam River. We Heart our Eskie! We rejoice in that she survived a terrible bout of pancreatitis in October and is alive and well due to great veternary care at Coast Meridian Animal Hospital. We’re also thankful for the financial help Trupanion pet insurance has given. It was great getting 90% of the cost of her last blood test back into our pockets. Once again, thank Godfor our wonderful vets, and our pet insurers. -Ann M.

I’m celebrating [Valentine’s day] with my 2yr. old Golden who’s recovering from bilateral TPLO surgery (THANK YOU TRUPANION) and my 12.5 yr. old Golden girl who’s dong great. Every day is a gift with my Golden Girls! -Bonnie B.

Trupanion 30 day free trial success!!

We had a client that has a 4 month old puppy and became sick with intestinal issues- not eating and vomiting. We saw the puppy twice and once at the VCA Specialty Center for further treatment. Her bills totaled $591.21. He was still under the 30 day free trial for Trupanion pet insurance, and they paid her $441.37 for covered services.
-Sugar Grove Animal Hospital

I have this for my Gracie, and after the Vet bills I have had with my cat, it is a MUST have these days, if you love your pet, and especially if you have just gotten a puppy or a kitten, please call these people, they are GREAT! Kat R.

Shiloh and Shelby…. Trupanion has been our angels over the few years and our continuing guardian angel! Thank you again for all your help!! 🙂 -Kelsey R.

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