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This Week in Testimonials – 2/24

Our Buddy is having his remaining eye removed on Monday due to glaucoma. Your claims person was so compassionte and great to talk to. You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Sharon G.

Trupanion is wonderful !!! Easy Forms and fabulous service. Everything I expected they would pay for Dancer’s surgery was covered and the check is on the way!!! -Donna H.

You guys are great. $6800.00 For my dachshunds stay in hospital. Then another $1800.00.. Paid it. My kids in the US can’t get good pet insurance. Thanks Trupanion. You rock!! -Liz C.

I was SO thankful for @Trupanion when my four year old lab got cancer! –Tanya C.

Thanks Trupanion for treating my dog so well. We are so pleased .:) -Leanne B.

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