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This Week in Testimonials – 2/3

I’ve had @Trupanion for 2 dogs now (over 8 years). They’ve been great. Hassle-free claims & fast. -@concretefluff

we have Peanut insured with @trupanion – $50 a month – haven’t used it but I guess it’s good peace of mind. -@EmilieO_

I was reading today on the puter while the stupid humans were at work, there was an article on BlogHer about what costs stupid humans will or won’t go to in an effort to save their pet. My lady wanted to remind every bully to please please please get pet insurance if you don’t have it. I have Trupanion Pet Insurance and they have been THE BESTESTEST ever. They even reimbursed my humans for a lousy ears infections. That’s all I have to say, I’m going to go raise holy hell now that those jerks are home – YAHOO! -Lucy the Bulldog

Trupanion, you are the best! From your comprehensive coverage, to super helpful customer service agents. I’m going to tell every pet owner about you! -Jelena R.

I chose Trupanion on the word of my good friend Nandita who knows that Trupanion kept her big guy alive through thick and thin. He sadly passed this week but Trupanion has been nothing but wonderful to her and Kaloo. They stood by her and helped her every every step of the way. There are quite a few companies offering insurance out there and it can get confusing. Knowing Trupanion was there her for her was all I needed to know when I chose insurance for my dogs. -Martha P.

If anyone has a pet & is considering insurance for them, take a look at @Trupanion! They’ve been great and that’s my advertising for the day -@radamsk1

I just wanted to thank Trupanion for letting us take care of our sick little baby. Your insurance coverage makes it so much easier to give her all the help that she needs during this time. Thank you so much for letting us just worry about giving her all the love that we can give. ♥ ♥ ♥ -Celeste D.

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