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Trupanion Offers Coverage for Alternative Therapies

Black Dog with FlowerTrupanion, the second-largest and fastest growing pet insurance provider,1 which also provides the best value in the industry according to a leading consumer research study, today announced an expansion in coverage. Due to the increased availability of holistic and rehabilitative medicine for pets, Trupanion now includes acupuncture, physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and behavior modification in an optional benefits package, available to all current and new policyholders.

Alternative therapies often complement traditional medical therapies to assist in the treatment of accidents and illnesses. The focus is on individualizing treatment, treating the whole pet as opposed to specific symptoms, and promoting self-healing.

“With more and more veterinarians offering these treatments, we want to give pet owners the opportunity to add this coverage to their policy,” said Darryl Rawlings, chief executive officer at Trupanion. “However, instead of making all of our policyholders pay for treatment options that are not available to them or they would never utilize, we keep costs down for everyone by only offering it to those who would benefit.”

The following therapies are included in one optional benefits package offered to all Trupanion policyholders. Each of these therapies is used to elicit a certain response in the pet’s body, with the ultimate goal of treating an injury or illness in the safest and most effective way possible.

Acupuncture is a common form of alternative medicine that brings about a physiological response that relieves pain, treats and prevents certain diseases, and prevents or eases nausea and promotes general good health.

Physical therapy can help pets that are suffering from leg fractures, ruptured disks, degenerative joint disease, and other ailments get back on their feet quicker and live longer and more active lives. It can increase mobility and flexibly, reduce the need for pain medication, and in some cases even eliminate the need for surgery. This type of therapy can include stretches, range-of-motion exercises, therapeutic ultrasound, and the application of heat and ice, among other techniques.

Hydrotherapy is comprised of two main techniques – swimming and aquatic treadmill therapy. It can be used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, neurological conditions, and soft tissue injuries, as well as for general fitness, muscle tone, and weight management. It is a safe and less stressful form of exercise that doesn’t place undue strain on the joints.

Behavioral modification is often used to help pets with issues such as aggression toward people, separation anxiety, food aggression, and other serious behavioral concerns. Treatment may include medications, training or therapy, and can mean the difference between a pet being able to stay in its home or re-homed.

“We will continue to monitor the marketplace and when the time comes that these therapies are available to the majority of pet owners we will add them to our core policy,” said Rawlings.

1Based on Trupanion-sponsored analysis of gross written premium and the net premium reported by other pet insurance providers, as well as Google Insights for Search.

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