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Underwater Dog Photos Go Viral

Whether or not you have seen the underwater dog photography floating around on the internet, you’ll likely love it! Photographer Seth Casteel’s unique photos hit Facebook last Friday the 10th and spread like wildfire ever since.

Why the hype?
Casteel said traffic to his website jumped from about 200 visitors per day to over 100,000 per day and he has received thousands of emails for private shoots.This is something completely new and interesting compared to what we typically see with pet photography. His high-speed action shots capture candid images of dogs chasing after toys underwater and are carefully detailed down to the last bubble.

It’s all about the water
“Most of the dogs I work with have never gone underwater until they met me,” Casteel said in an interview with ABC News. “All the dogs in the photographs have voluntarily gone into the water and under the water. They are choosing to do this. We’re all having fun along the way.”

Ironically, Casteel’s two dogs Nala and Fritz are not particularly fond of water.

Did you see his photos? What do you think? View the album on Facebook here.


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