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Veterinarians and Pets Help with Cancer Research

A group of leading veterinarians in Texas have set up a registry to connect dogs and cats with cancer researchers to test out new cancer treatments. According to a recent article on, dogs “are better predictors of the efficacy of new cancer drugs and devices in people than mice, oncologists’ favorite test subject historically.”

New cancer studies are using dogs as test subjects since they experience similar forms of cancer as humans, but typically run the course much quicker which would be helpful to determining whether the therapy works. Not only will these studies benefit humans, but also dogs and cats!

Rather than housing dogs as test subjects, the veterinary oncologists in Texas are hoping they can change the ways of research by providing a registry of dogs and cats that are diagnosed with cancer.

The registry identified its first patient in November, an 8-year-old Great Pyrenees with bone cancer. Instead of the standard treatment, amputation, Rowdy got an experimental procedure: radiation injected into 22 tiny holes drilled directly into the bone cancer. Two months later, Rowdy’s owner reports he is running around symptom-free, though Fossum stresses the six-month check-up will be the big test.

Now, dog can be man’s best friend in another role: helping find cures and treatments for cancer. What do you think about this? Would sign your pet into the registry if he/she were diagnosed with cancer?

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