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Wish I Had Pet Insurance – Jeanne’s Story

Having worked for a pet insurance company for nearly three years now, I hear a lot of stories about people who wished they’d insured their pets in the past. More often than not, people don’t realize the importance of pet insurance until it is too late. I can think of two coworkers off-hand who purchased pet insurance (before they began working for Trupanion) due to unfortunate past experiences.

It is our goal to educate pet owners as much as possible and enable them to make the best decision for their situation. Here is just one example of a pet that would have appreciated insurance.

I wish I had pet insurance. Little Goofy Dog broke his leg the week of Christmas. It broke in 2 places. The vet said he needed surgery to fix it, either pins or a plate.

The vet I took him to wasn’t qualified to do the surgery and said I would need to find one that was. I have been to and talked with all I could find, none of them would fix the leg because I don’t have the money. They all want the money up front. I took him to Banfields on the free coupon visit a few weeks ago, they have the Hope fund and gave me pain meds for Goofy but didn’t have enough to fund the surgery he needs. they estimate 900.00, and said that it would have to be amputated. I don’t have it and have tried so many places for help.

I have a ribbon fund set up for him but haven’t had any luck with it. I love this little dog and I will be getting enough money from my taxes to cover only about 400.00 of the surgery. I just keep praying for a way to help Goofy and God knows when I finish school I will find a way to get insurance for my pets…Right now, Goofy is my top priority.

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