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Cat Detects Owner’s Breast Cancer

A recent article from Daily Mail titled The ultimate cat scan! ‘My kitten alerted me to my cancer because she kept jumping on my breast’ describes a kitty who has become a hero in a non-traditional sense.

Wendy Humphreys curiously noticed that her kitten Fidge would climb up and sit on her right breast every night for two weeks. Wendy began to believe that she must have had a bruise due to pain in the area so she made a visit to her doctor. There, she learned that she had a cancerous lump the size of a pea which could be fatal if left untreated.

Now with surgery on the agenda and a few months of chemotherapy under her belt, Wendy says she owes her life to her 10-month-old kitten. “I just couldn’t believe it because I didn’t think cats were capable of that – I thought it was only dogs. Dogs can diagnose epilepsy and can tell when someone’s going to have a fit,” she said.

Wendy says that Fidge continues to check up on her every morning, jumping up on her to make sure she’s alright.

This is not the first case of animals detecting cancer. The article states that “in 2011, German researchers discovered that dogs could sniff out lung cancer from breath samples of sufferers. It’s believed that cancers produce volatile chemicals that dogs can be trained to smell, which could have dramatic implications for early diagnosis of the disease.”

Wendy believes her kitten Fidge has a similar talent.

Read the full article from Daily Mail.

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