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Featured Pet Insurance Review – I love Trupanion!!

10/10 I love Trupanion!!
I have 2 dogs who have been happy Trupanion clients for a few years now. One has an ongoing Dermatitis issue. I have never been denied repayment for his care and medicine. I am impressed with how quickly I’m reimbursed. I have also received prompt answers to a few questions I have inquired on via email. I have found Trupanion to be a an honest company who cares about the animals they insure and I plan to always have the security it provides for me. I love my animals so I’m going to keep giving them the best of care and this insurance company is the one I choose to help me achieve this.
-Barbara H.

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2 Responses to Featured Pet Insurance Review – I love Trupanion!!

  1. blackrings70 says:

    Trupaion Pet Insurance is the worst!!!! Yes, I cancelled my policy!Trupanion went out of their way to determine my dogs issue was preexisting when it wasn’t. Digging through old files and associating unrelated issues to the one I had treated. No where in her records did it say she had what she was treated for. Unfortunately, her vet didn’t want to “get involved” with any type of dispute, now looking for another vet.Basically I got mega screwed out of 4 grand. I will NEVER advise anyone to use Trupaion EVER!!!!!!. Until my last breath!!!!!

    • Stacy says:

      Hi there,
      I apologize for the frustration that you have experienced with your recent claim. If your pet has presented symptoms of a condition prior to full policy coverage, then that would be considered pre-existing, even if a specific diagnosis had not yet been made. If you and your veterinarian disagree with the outcome of a claim, you can certainly pursue our appeals process. Please feel free to call your claims adjuster who can further discuss. We certainly want to make sure that everything is understood in the end and never want to make anyone feel like they got “screwed”.

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