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Groomers in California Could Be Regulated

It seems like news articles talking about pet grooming debacles fly through on a regular basis these days. Whether it was an accidental snip of the ear or tail, pets being put under hot dryers that cause serious health problems, or even a groomer clipping off the tip of a dog’s ear and gluing it back on.

Because of the continued concerns, San Diego Senator Juan Vargas has recently proposed a bill that would require vocational training for groomers. If the bill passes, California would become the first state in the US that requires groomers to pass a state-issued exam and obtain a license (at a cost of up to $350).

While many are in support of this bill, some groomers with years of experience and talent are frustrated that they would be required to go through formal education.

Do you take your dog to a groomer? Do you think this bill is a good idea?

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