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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Have you ever wondered what your pet would be like with thumbs? What would he do? How would that change things?

Well today is a good day to really think about it because it’s ‘If Pets Had Thumbs Day’! I did a little bit of research but couldn’t seem to find out how this day originated.

But what really matters are your thoughts! What would your pet do if it had thumbs? Would this be good or bad? I imagine that my dog would let herself outside and wander off, or help herself to the pantry, fridge, and all of our human foods!

Here are a few other funny things your pet might do if it had thumbs:

  • Open his treat bags
  • Change the channel while you’re trying to watch TV
  • Get on the internet and order toys
  • Play a game of thumb war
  • Hold your hand

What else do you think your pet might do?

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