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In the News: Purchase Pet Insurance Early

Veterinarian with DogRecently Keloland Television reported on the importance of pet insurance and urged those who were interested in insuring their pets to do so early, before any pre-existing conditions presented themselves.

The report followed veterinarian Dr. Dawn Dale of Dale Animal Hospital as she examined Belle, a puggle owned by Tracey Buccholz. During the examination, Tracey learned that Belle had an allergy to her food as well as chronic ear infections. Tracey realized at that point that pet insurance would have been a beneficial investment, as care for Belle would be ongoing. Unfortunately, since the conditions were already present, they wouldn’t be covered under a pet insurance policy going forward.

Dr. Dale is quoted as saying that pet insurance is beneficial for pet owners who would give extended health measures to their pets.

“Treatment can run into the thousands of dollars.  But, if pet health insurance is paying, so, if they are paying 50 or 75 percent, then the pet owner’s out-of-pocket becomes much, much lower. And it’s easier to say yes to the extended treatment that a pet may need,” Dale said.

Trupanion pays 90 percent, making an even bigger impact on the pet owner’s finances than the competitors referenced in the above quote. But insurance is only beneficial for conditions that have not developed at the time of enrollment.

Remember to enroll early to receive the best chance that ALL accidents and illnesses your pet may develop are covered.

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