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Jax’s Pet Insurance Story

I was always very skeptical about pet insurance and thought it was a complete waste of money, but have been completely proven wrong based on the excellent experience I’ve had with Trupanion over the past few weeks.  Our 11 month old German Shepherd became very ill and needed invasive emergency surgery on his intestines to correct an intussusception. It also required prescriptions, overnight stays, etc. As promised, Trupanion covered 90% of the costs and we received over $5000 back on the series of bills associated with his surgery. Trupanion was also extremely responsive taking our calls on a Sunday evening with questions, sending emails with progress on our claim, and getting the check in the mail to us within a couple weeks. I would recommend (and have been!) Trupanion to any dog owner I know; they have saved us considerable debt, provided a lot of peace of mind during a difficult time, and enabled us to continue to spoil our dog rotten rather than pay his vet bills!

-Katelyn and Jax

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