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Jerky Dog Treats From China Could Be Toxic

We’ve written about potentially dangerous jerky dog treats from China in the past, but wanted to reiterate as it seems to be popping up in the news again lately.

According to a recent article on abc News, “the Food and Drug Administration has fielded over 530 complaints from pet owners claiming their dogs suffered illness or death after eating jerky treats made in China,” over the past four months. 

Unfortunately, the specific cause is still yet to be pinpointed which means that no specific brands or types have been called out or recalled. In the meantime, the FDA has issued three warnings over the past four years concerning dog jerky treats from China.

As the FDA continues to investigate different jerky treats, we can only hope that they find the exact cause of so many sick pets so as to prevent any future fatalities. In the meantime, our best defense as pet owners is knowledge. Be sure to inform your pet-owning friends and family members and report any incidents of pet illness or death due to jerky treats to the FDA.

Update: According to this article, published 3/28/12, there have now been at least 600 reported cases of illness due to jerky treats.

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