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Nominate Your Dog for the AHA Hero Dog Awards

Is your dog your hero? Mine are! While they don’t search for and rescue people from burning buildings or track down criminals, they do small things every day that make my life, and the life of others, better. For example, when I’m cold, my little 11-pound dog Ava curls up in a warm little ball and cuddles with me, warming me up and making me smile. And my sweet mixed-breed dog Jackson has let me know that he has my newborn son in his best interests at all times, accompanying me to the nursery in the middle of the night and lying by his side on the floor when he’s playing. My dogs simply make my life better.

Well, if your dog is YOUR hero, it’s time to recognize him! The American Humane Association is now taking nominations for their annual Hero Dog Awards. Through March 26th, you can nominate your dog in one of several hero dog categories, including the new ‘Emerging Heroes’ category, which includes ordinary dogs who make an extraordinary difference. 

If you need an extra push, listen to Clark:

If chosen, you and your dog could end up being honored on national television, win a trip to Hollywood, and win up to $15,000 for a charity dedicated to dogs!

Nominate your dog by visiting the following link: Hurry, nominations end March 26!


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