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Pet Food Goes Gourmet

A recent article from the New York Times had an interesting take on the changing trends of our pet feeding habits. For many spoiled Fidos and felines, what used to be a bowl of dry kibble is now a gourmet, home-made delicacy fit for a king.

The article states “Cats who used to put up with plain tuna or mackerel can now savor white-tablecloth dishes like wild salmon and whipped egg soufflé with garden greens, part of Fancy Feast’s Elegant Medleys line, or Outback Grill, an Australian-themed entree from Weruva, with native fish like barramundi and trevally.”

With pets turning more into members of the family, especially for childless homes, it is becoming more socially acceptable to treat pets thusly. While it takes a little extra time from your daily routine, your pet may see tremendous health benefits from fresh, healthy foods.

According to the article, pet parents don’t mind paying more for quality pet foods, even during recessionary times. So do you fall into this category? Would you eat cold leftovers in exchange for a lavish feast for your pet?

Read the full article here.

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