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Pet News Recap of March 2012

The Labrador Retriever holds the top spot for most popular dog breed in America in 2011. See what other breeds make up the top 10 list!

According to a 10-year study, cat owners are 40% less likely than non-cat owners to have a heart attack. Another good reason to own a cat!

Due to many recent grooming mishaps, pet groomers in California may be required to pass exams in order to pursue their profession. Do you think groomers should be regulated?

Monty the Labradoodle saved his 73-year-old owner’s life after he suffered a fall which knocked him unconscious.

Recent research shows that pets may have musical preferences particular to their vocal ranges and heart rates! So maybe your pet isn’t too fond of your favorite rock band after all. 😉

Beyonce is a tiny puppy who beat the odds and survived thanks to mouth-to-mouth by a veterinarian. At the size of an iPhone, she may possibly be the world’s tiniest puppy!

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