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Pet Safety Tips Shared By You

This past week, we focused on pet safety and asked you to share some of your tips! Here are some of our favorites:

Safety in the house

  • One thing I do to keep my pets safe is to ensure all small items that can be swallowed are out of reach. Anything such as a paper clip or hair tie is always put on high shelves and rubber bands are not allowed in the house. I’ve heard too many horror stories of pets swallowing these things for me to want to risk it. -Kat E.
  • My cat loves to open cabinets in search of treats or cat food, but I worry about him opening the wrong ones, so I use child-proof latches in order to keep him safe. -Joanna M.

In the car

  • To keep my dog safe in the car, I use a seat belt harness. -Julie C.
  • Do not let your dog ride in the back of a truck, unless they are secure In a kennel. -Brittany G.
  • Never leave your pets in a hot car as the temp can raise 35 to 40 degrees. -Wilda M.


  • One thing I do to keep my dog safe is check his feet after we’ve been out for a walk in long grass. Spear grass and other debris can get embedded in the hair between his paws and puncture his skin. I also keep the hair on his feet trimmed very short in the summer to try to prevent this. -Katie B.
  • When spreading fertilizer or pesticides in your yard, be sure to either not allow pets in the treated area until appropriate to do so (according to package instructions), or wipe down/clean your dogs coat and ESPECIALLY their paws to remove chemical residues that are harmful to them-and you. -Kristen S.
  • We are careful about not letting Abby run on grassy playing fields where they may be gopher holes. Torn knees both front and back, back injuries, broken bones – the hazards are numerous. -Marie M.
  • Buy or possibly borrow a swimming PFD device for your dog if they are going to be  anywhere near water. Not all dogs are natural born swimmers, but to be safe than sorry! -Cathy G.
  • We use a safety orange LED collar when walking at dusk/nighttime. Helps make Dozer more visible to cars driving by! -Karin H.
  • make sure your backyard gate is always closed and your dog always has a tagged collar on or a microchip to insure your pet is safe and wont run away out of your care. -Ashley S.

Toys and food

  • PLEASE, never give your dog a ball that could choke them. We lost our previous golden retriever when he choked on a ball. Our new dog is NEVER given a ball that has a slippery surface or is small enough to slip into her throat. -Dawn B.
  • Since I own a Boxer which is a brachycephalic…I have this one unusual suggestion. If you own a large breed dog and particularly a brachycephalic it is good to purchase food and water bowls that come on a lift/stand that fits the height for your dog. (I found that my dog would choke on his dog food sometimes before I purchased the bowls with stand…this eliminated that problem of leaning down over a bowl.) -Dwan B.
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