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Senior Pets Need Regular Vet Visits

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Bringing a new pet into the home comes with excitement, joy, and an overall increase in happiness for most. We all know that it also comes with responsibility, as well as the unspoken fact that we will almost certainly outlive our pets.

The Importance of Veterinary Visits for Your Senior Pet

Depending on the breed, dogs live to about 8 to 14 years old and cats may live into their late teens. As our pets get older and into their senior years, they face the increased risk of age-related health issues. Because of this, timely veterinary appointments become more necessary. A new health condition for a senior pet can quickly progress if left undetected due to their more fragile bodies and weaker immune systems.

Other Ways to Keep Your Senior Pet in their Prime

In addition to regular veterinary check-ups and recommendations by your veterinarian, there are other adjustments you can make to accommodate your pet’s aging body. If you notice your pet having a hard time jumping up on the couches or bed, try to acclimate him to a nice comfy bed on the floor. Consider vitamins and supplements to ease any arthritis or joint pain. Finally, be sure to keep your senior pet at a healthy weight to prevent many potential health conditions.

Though your senior pet may appear to be happily trucking along day-to-day, there are many things that his outward appearance may not be telling you. Pets are very good at hiding pain and weakness and will not always let you know when something is wrong which is why it’s important to keep up with regular veterinary visits.

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