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Thank You Card

Last Friday, we received a kind handwritten card in the mail from one of our policyholders. Unfortunately, her pet recently passed but thanks to pet insurance, the burden of her loss was lessened.

It reads:

Dear All,
During our beloved pet’s, Mahon, illness each & every one of you were extraordinary in your caring & your assistance!
You may never know the way each of you approach your job has such a healing effect on the people who are suffering with their pet or the loss of a pet so loved.
Although Mahon passed in December, we have not forgotten your kindness & caring & we wanted to thank you.
Thank you so much!

It is never easy losing a pet or standing by your dog or cat’s side while they battle a serious illness, but we want to be there to help. Whether it’s financial assistance or just chatting with you on the phone, we are here for you!


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