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This Week in Testimonials – 3/2

we love trupanion! -Max A.
sassy popcorn says thank you for all the years you have helped keep her healthy. -Jennifer G.

I received an email today saying my premiums were going DOWN (despite a lot of claims for my dog, Jake). You continue to exceed my expectations Trupanion ♥ So glad I chose you to protect my little loves 🙂 -Crystal

i have been with this company for over 4 years and they are the best, 10 starrrrr -Lynn L.

My policy with Trupanion for Camellia is for 90% coverage of eligible expenses, with no deductible.

I tall ya, I never did anything so useful in my life to help my dogs as I did when I took out vet insurance with Trupanion. It turns out that I can put in claims as often as I need to, with no penalties. In our last exchange, Trupanion encouraged me to keep submitting claims, and you can believe, I will be doing that.

So it’s not only my fabulous vets who are my Tru Heroes, but Trupanion, as well.

Thank you, Trupanion; you make it possible for me to take really proper care of my sensitive Havanese rescue! She will be five years old on Sunday, 4 March, 2012.

Camellia waves her glorious Magic Wand, in honor of my vets, Drs. Amanda Booth, Carla Bell and Ute Mannhardt – and Trupanion and its people. -Carol W. [read full story]

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