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This Week in Testimonials – 3/9

Trupanion, you have exceeded my expectations, your coverage and claim payments helped us so much! Thanks so much! -Apple H.

DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU GUYS? In the recent months I have had nothing bad horror stories with insurance companies. My house was robbed, two insurance companies I am insured with told me they don’t care. My car was rear-ended by a texting teen, taking 7 MONTHS TO FIX and insurance company told me “you didn’t get hurt, we are refusing you treatment”. And in all of this, I forgot to send in my Trupanion claim from May 2011, found the receipts in January but decided to send it in anyways. You guys didn’t refuse my claim (although it was evidently my fault that it was not handed in on time), and you guys covered me and let me know of this with a nice phone call! I trust you, and you are amazing. I make sure to recommend you to everybody and their dog ;). Thank you for making being a pet owner affordable and stress free, you are incredible! From Diem and August! -Diem F.

Thank you Trupanion from the Pearces! Our little Ainsley is doing so much better after injuring her back and we just got a notice that our insurance claim has been processed. It is so reassuring to know that we can give Ainsley the best care when she is ill and know that our insurance will help us out. -Hanne P.


Trupanion your the best thanks for everything you did for us & our dog you truly are the greatest -Gerry D.

This is my sweet girl Trixie. She is recovering from surgery on her mouth. Thanks for looking after her Trupanion! I highly recommend you – not only do you provide great coverage, but you have an amazing team that know they go to work everyday to help animals. It’s so appreciated! -Layla J.


At Bridlewood Veterinary Clinic we have now been recommending Trupanion for many years and have found them to provide our clients with the peace of mind to always be able to provide there pets with the best of care whenever it is needed. They have consistently come through to payout on claims, no matter how large. And they are also quick with their payments. I have no hesitation in recommending Trupanion Pet Insurance to all of our clients.

This is Pedro, he ran into the stairs and hurt his knee really badly, thanks to the knowledge that we have you, we were able to check him out completely and make sure that nothing was broken. He will be fine and he got a new monkey stuffie for being so good at the Vet clinic 🙂 (and I hope the claim gets processed soon – thanks in advance for that!) -Alessandra O.


You recently covered the cost of my cats dental surgery. I just wanted to say thank you for how painless and easy the process of submitting and receiving claims was! -Nicole C.

I wanted to pop in and thank you, Trupanion, for your services to us pet lovers! I would’ve willingly gone into debt for my Buddy, but having saved over $2,000 through my insurance with you, I didn’t have to. Even though Buddy lost his battle, it was a relief to not have to worry about money through it all. Thank you so much! :o) -Dorothy S.


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