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Veterinarian Discusses Benefits of Pet Insurance

Dog with VetRecently, Dr. Lori Huston, a veterinarian who has been in practice for over 20 years, wrote a guest blog post for BlogPaws about how pet insurance can help pet owners who otherwise wouldn’t have the funds for high veterinary bills. She says for many pet owners pet insurance can mean the difference between being able to treat a pet and making the heartbreaking decision to euthanize.

Economic euthanasia is a hot topic right now and stems from two things – first, pet owners who are struggling financially are forgoing preventative medicine than can help prolong a pet’s life. Second, when a serious health condition develops in their pet, lack of funds force pet owners to decline life-saving medical care, and either ask the veterinarian to euthanize their pet or take their pet home to die on its own.

Unfortunately, Dr. Huston says she has seen so many pet owners forced to euthanize a treatable pet that it prompted her to start urging her clients to consider pet insurance so she could help more pets live longer lives. She says:

Technologically, we now have a variety of different options available for diagnosis and treatment that didn’t exist even a few years ago. But with these advances in veterinary medicine comes a higher price tag as well.

What would you, as a pet owner, do if you were faced with a pet that had a treatable condition that would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to resolve? Would you be able to afford that type of bill?

Read Dr. Huston’s full post on BlogPaws here.

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