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Veterinary Hospital Starts Recommending Pet Insurance

Cats and DogsRichman Animal Clinic, a veterinary clinic located in Richmond Heights, OH, recently announced that they are working to increase awareness of pet insurance as a way to strengthen their commitment to customer service and animal care.

Dr. Jeffery A. Richman, the founder and owner of Richman Animal Clinic, decided to start encouraging pet owners to consider purchasing pet insurance to protect their pets’ health. The hope is that the initiative will help minimize the financial burden of unexpected emergency care while ensuring pets receive the preventive care they need to stay healthy and active.

By expanding access to veterinarians from different fields of study and encouraging pet owners to purchase pet insurance, we are doing our best to provide affordable, accessible care for our community. In the event of a pet health emergency or serious health concern, pet insurance can help pet owners afford the quality care that their pets deserve.

When an animal is young, active and healthy, it’s easy to think that your pet will stay this way forever. Sadly, that’s just not the case, as accidents happen and pets age. In these challenging economic times, we know that affording routine pet care can be a struggle for many families. Pet insurance makes this care affordable.

We hope this new initiative ensures that Dr. Richman and his staff can help even more pets live happier and healthier lives. Read the full press release on Marketwire here.

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