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Walking Down The Aisle– With a Pet

Photo by weddingwire.com

Forget asking your co-worker’s brother’s son to play the role of ring bearer in your wedding. Why not ask someone much closer to you– your dog?

Pets are cropping up in weddings more frequently these days from your typical dogs and cats all the way to pet chickens! Brides magazine found that almost 5% of brides included a pet in their wedding party according to a 2011 study of American weddings. It is estimated that even higher numbers have pets present at the ceremony and/or reception.

Many couples consider their pets as members of the family or even like children so it’s not even a question of whether they would be included in the wedding. According to a recent article in the New York Times, Portland, Oregon-based company Wedding Dog will prepare pets (not excluding potbellied pigs and goats) for weddings for a price starting at $2,500.

Whether or not a couple is willing to shell out thousands to dress their pet, they are bound to enjoy the presence of their furry friend on the happiest day of their lives.

Would (or did) you include your pet in your wedding? Tell us about it!

See the full New York Times article on the topic.

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