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What Your Pet Says About You

A fun pet-related article was just posted on Huffington Post the other day revealing the results of a survey from Careerbuilder.com. According to the survey, “Employees in top-level positions (CEOs or senior vice presidents) are primarily dog owners,” which is certainly true of the Trupanion CEO!

Some other interesting facts were:

  • Entertainers, IT professionals, those in the military, nurses and professors are more likely dog owners.
  • Doctors, lab techs, machine operators, personal caretakers and realtors tend to have cats as pets.
  • People working in the financial field, hotel and leisure industry, in farming/fishing/forestry careers, human resources and transportation are more likely to own fish.
  • Editors and writers, engineers, marketing and PR professionals, law enforcement officers and social workers prefer reptiles as pets.
  • Bird owners are found in administrative jobs, advertising, construction and sales.

There are lots of other interesting results from surveys on Forbes and Cat Fanciers Association. For example, people who own Golden Retrievers are social butterflies and those that own Siamese cats are good at communicating.

The full article on Huffington Post has lots of other dog and cat breed associations – find out what your pet’s breed says about you!

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