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Beccavision: Commemorating Pets In A Colorful Way

Are you looking for new ways to brighten up your home and also pay homage to your beloved pet? Rebecca of Beccavision.com might just have the perfect thing for you! Rebecca’s artwork takes a photograph of your pet and brings it to life with bright colors and abstract shapes drawn with art markers.

Rebecca is fairly new to creating art, having just started as a hobby only 2 years ago. After surviving cancer, she wants to enjoy life to the fullest and express all that is whimsical through bright colors. She takes her inspiration from artists like Peter Max and Andy Warhol.

Rebecca has two cats of her own: Lucy, a Bengal and Lily the Russian Blue. After one of her drawings of a dog became well-received by animal lovers, the idea spread and Rebecca became inspired to continue drawing pets with the goal of capturing each animal’s personality and spirit.

I have also drawn a lot of art for people who have had their pets pass away and they want a memory piece.  I don’t want them to be sad when they look at the memory of their animal so I like to make them smile when they remember their loved one.  I am told my art makes you smile and that is my goal on each piece.

If you are interested in bringing your pet’s photo to life in vibrant colors, visit Rebecca’s website at Beccavision.com.

Trupanion and Rebecca are working in conjunction to give away a custom art piece in this week’s contest! For more information, visit this month’s giveaways outline.

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2 Responses to Beccavision: Commemorating Pets In A Colorful Way

  1. olivia nightstar says:

    I adopted Pearl, a beautiful and gentle Soul from the Crosby Puppy Massacre. She is a wonderful dog and I am shocked that people like the ones that just throw away a beautiful individual such as Pearl can look themselves in the mirror. Their Pain must be so great that they could torture another living being.

    • Stacy says:

      I agree that it’s unfortunate that there are people out there who will abuse sweet animals. But Pearl is very lucky to have been rescued by a loving owner! 🙂

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