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Choking Dog Saves His Own Life

Photo courtesy The Sun

George the Basset Hound was going about his business one day while he was left home alone in his house in West Yorkshire in the UK. Unfortunately, he got tangled up in a telephone cord and became strangled.

During his struggle, George managed to dial 999, the emergency number in Britain. A dispatcher answered and heard only heavy breathing and assumed an emergency.

Police arrived at the house and were ready to break in when a neighbor, Paul, noticed the scene and retrieved a spare key to let them in. Police officers searched for a human in distress when Paul found George being strangled by the telephone cord.

“The police split up and ran through the house thinking someone had either been attacked or was desperately ill,” Paul told The Sun.

“I went to look round as well and walked into this room and saw George choking. He was absolutely terrified and could not free himself. I knew I had to get him free quickly so I just ripped the wire out. Incredibly you could see where his paw print was on the phone to ring 999 — he literally saved his own life. When the police came into the room and realised what had happened they burst out laughing.”

George’s owner Lydia is thankful that her dog’s life was saved. She describes him as “not usually very smart” and told The Sun that “he’s really dopey and just likes to chew socks.”

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