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Completing My Family: How My Dog Chose Me

The following post was written by Jordan Rubin, Trupanion’s new Manager of Communication. Jordan shares his story of how his handsome dog Lazlo joined his family.

Me, my wife Leanne, and Lazlo

My wife and I had wanted to get a puppy for quite some time. It wasn’t just that we wanted a puppy to play with every day. We felt we were finally ready to grow our family. We had decided long ago that we weren’t going to have children – but we also knew that there was something missing in our home. But we had one major problem – my wife is totally allergic to dogs. She’s allergic to nearly all dogs. We had heard about and read about new “designer” dog breeds that claimed to be hypoallergenic. But she was skeptical. Each time we visited one of these dogs, her eyes would swell, her skin would turn red, and a marathon sneezing session would ensue.

Sleepy Lazlo

Then we looked at Australian labradoodles. We went to a very well-regarded breeder, and spent some time around several full-grown ‘doodles, as well as two litters of ‘doodle puppies running around like crazy. Then we saw this mellow little brown puppy with a beautiful white crest on his chest. He came straight to me. I picked him up, and he abruptly fell right to sleep in the middle of my lap. That was it. I was in love. I felt like at that moment, he chose me to be his dad.

But what about my wife’s allergies? So far, nothing. No swollen eyes. No red skin. No sneezing. Could this really be? Did we finally find our little puppy companion?

Lazlo enjoying a Seattle sunset.

My wife and I left the breeder’s house so smitten with the little brown puppy. He was so different than all the other labradoodles in the house. He was brown, not white. He was mellow, not hyperactive. And he looked right at me, while all the others were much more preoccupied with all their puppy shenanigans.

After an hour had gone by, she still showed no signs of allergies. It was amazing. We called the breeder and claimed our beautiful little guy. We named him Lazlo – after the character Victor Lazlo from the film Casablanca. We now had our family.

I was pretty sure he was a good little puppy. But I knew he was going to be a GREAT dog. And he reminds me that I was right every single day. He stayed mellow. He’s a good sharer of his toys, and he’s gentle to the core. He’s never over-chewed or swallowed a toy. And he only eats the food in his bowl. He even became a licensed therapy dog at just 16 months of age.

Lazlo and me on a camping trip.

He’s also been a very lucky dog. Other than a couple unscheduled trips to the vet for some tummy troubles – he’s in great health. For this, I’m genuinely grateful. But I do know that anything can happen on any given day. I don’t dare even think about not having pet insurance for Lazlo. I know that one day, his little puppy head will get the best of him, and he’ll do something ridiculously silly and he’ll need the best care available. Or one day we might get some bad news during his annual vet exam. You just never know.

Five years later, my wife’s allergies are still unaffected, and the three of us are all healthy and happy.

We will do anything in the world to protect our little guy. Making sure he has access to the very best veterinary care possible makes me rest much easier. And that’s a very good thing – resting is Lazlo’s favorite family activity.

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