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Dog Rescues and Adopts a Duckling

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Dennis is no ordinary duckling. While his biological parents are ducks, he has come to believe that his ‘mom’ is a male Labrador Retriever named Fred.

According to Yahoo! News in the UK, Dennis was left abandoned because his parents were mauled by a fox. The days-old duckling survived and was found by a curious dog which allowed him to survive. Upon finding Dennis, Fred began to lick and clean him with his tongue.

Since then, the unlikely pair have formed a friendship and Dennis will follow Fred around and even sit on his head!

“Dennis snuggles up to Fred at night, he will clamber up on top of him and they even go swimming together – but Fred is a lot less graceful in the water!” said Jeremy Goldsmith, the owner of Fred.

Does your pet have any unusual friends?

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