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Featured Pet Insurance Review – Awesome Pet Insurance Company

10/10 Awesome Pet Insurance Company
I chose to purchase insurance with Trupanion for my little kitten because of high recommendations from other people. I had recently lost my 16 year old cat to lymphoma and had spent thousands of dollars on medical bills since she had no insurance and I would not have been able to live with myself if I hadn’t done everything I could to give her whatever additional quality of life possible. I was almost 100% sure that I would not have to use the insurance for my kitten at least until he got older. I took my kitten to the vet the day after I brought him home for a wellness check-up; he was perfectly healthy and a couple of weeks later he got the vaccination (booster) recommended by the vet. I fed him high quality cat food and he had access to fresh water at all times and his litter box was cleaned at least twice daily and he got plenty of exercise and was a very happy and playful kitten. Nonetheless, a few months later, he got very sick. Trupanion has been 100% true to its word and has allowed me to provide him with much needed medical care. I am 100% satisfied with Trupanion and would definitely recommend Trupanion to anyone. Unfortunately, my little kitten has passed on and I cannot express how devastated and heartbroken I am! I wish with all my heart that I had never had to make any claims and that my sweet little baby was still with me, but the fact is that Trupanion was there when my kitten and I needed it.

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One Response to Featured Pet Insurance Review – Awesome Pet Insurance Company

  1. Angela Miller says:

    10/10 For Pet Insurance…..

    My husband and I own 3 Labradors and I must say I was reluctant to get insurance for our pets. We then bred our male and female and decided to keep a pup. At this time we chose to get insurance for all our dogs and highly encouraged everyone who got pups from us to do the same. We researched and decided to go with Trupanion which was the best decision we ever made. At 8 months old our puppy “Rossi” got quite sick which we found out right at the time we went to get him neutered. Many times we thought we might lose him but thanks to Trupanion we had help to get him the best care possible. He still has a long road ahead of him but Trupanion has responded almost immediately to our claims, inquired about Rossi’s health, and have sent us reimbursements within a couple of weeks. They are the real deal, very caring and prompt. Without insurance we may not have been able to get the quality care out little Rossi required! Thanks Trupanion we are your biggest fans!!!

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